Zero interest rate memberships sale and token burn announcement

Schedule of free promo membership distribution and the launch of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum memberships at

2 months ago we provided 1,000 promo memberships on the MoneyToken platform. The promo memberships were offered completely free to all our community members and supporters.
The goal of the promo memberships distribution was to give the opportunity, to our strongest and greatest supporters, to try out the MoneyToken platform and find out about all the benefits of cryptocurrency-backed loans, for free!

Now we are getting ready for a new promo membership offering!
1,000 new promo memberships will be made available for purchase on Friday, 7th of September. All newcomers and supporters of MoneyToken who missed the opportunity to get a promo membership in July will be able to get one in the new promo round.
These promo memberships will remain active until next Tuesday, 11th September, after which all promo memberships will be deactivated; so you need to act fast to enjoy this one-off opportunity and grab a 100% discounted membership! In the last promo round it took only a couple of hours for all the memberships available to be snapped up by the community.
The full advanced membership sale will start on Wednesday 12th of September and all previous membership offerings will cease to operate up to 12 hours before the sale starts.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum memberships
There will be 4 advanced membership packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, which will differ from each other by maximum possible loan duration, loan amount and other parameters.

How does it work?

  1. All Token Sale participants will be able to purchase memberships using the IMT tokens they purchased during the token sale.
  2. Newcomers to MoneyToken will be able to purchase memberships using IMT which they can buy on BitForex, CoinSuper, IDEX platforms etc.
    All IMT which are used to purchase a memberships package will be burned.
  3. Token burning will happen in a real time, as membership purchases are made.
  4. All memberships will provide a 100% discount on the interest rate; memberships provide the opportunity to take out a crypto-backed loan for free.
  5. Advanced memberships can be purchased on a monthly basis and will be active for 30 days after purchase.

Please remember: The number of promo and advanced memberships available will be limited!

The previous round of 1,000 promo memberships was sold out in just a few hours after release.

That Membership Schedule again:

  1. 2 July 2018 — 1st round of 1,000 promo memberships released
  2. 7 September 2018 — 2nd round of 1,000 promo memberships released
  3. 11 September 2018 — Free promo memberships suspended
  4. 01:00 PM UTC+0, 12 September 2018 — Advanced Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum membership sale + token burn start

Stay tuned to our socials and don’t miss your chance to get your advanced membership!

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