Limited-time offer: take out an interest-free loan and only pay interest if you profit from your collateral

From today all MoneyToken platform users gain access to a totally unique crypto-loan product.

An incredible offering to customers – where borrowers pay interest on their loans only if the value of their collateral rises.

How does this work?

If, as a borrower, you take out a MoneyToken loan with a % interest rate and at the end of the loan term, the value of your crypto-asset collateral has dropped or stayed the same – the amount you will need to repay will be equal to the original amount borrowed, with absolutely zero interest to pay.

If you get to the end of the loan term, and your crypto-asset collateral has gone up in value since the start of the loan – then the amount you will need to repay will be equal to the total amount borrowed, plus the interest at the rate agreed when the loan was taken out.

For the first time in global finance – and not only in the cryptocurrency world – a borrower can think of a loan, not as a transaction in which the only possible way to make money would be by investing the credit in something that offers a higher yield than the interest repayment – but as a tool for using the assets they already possess and at the same time enjoying the ability to use the assets to obtain ready cash to spend on current needs.


  • Interest rate (per day) – 0.15% or 0%
  • Origination fee – 0%
  • Loan Term (can be extended) – 5 days – 90 days
  • Repayment to collateral – 1:2 (50%)
  • Repayment with collateral – available

So why are we offering this?

Here at MoneyToken we want our customers to make a profit and grow with us, and we want people to realise the huge potential of crypto-finance and the paradigm shift from traditional banking crypto represents.

MoneyToken and crypto-lending – opening up a new world of opportunities for investors, businesses and individuals.

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