Last chance to take out a loan at 6% per year – 18 hours left until the end of the low interest week at MoneyToken.

Low interest loan week is almost finished – the countdown will stop at 08:00 AM UTC, March 1st, so you can still get a loan at a uniquely low 6% per year interest rate.
Taking advantage of this event will be able to save you quite a bit of profit in the long run, since you’re borrowing under extremely limited offer conditions that have never been done before.
To remind you of the main info on the Loan Interest Loan Week you’ll need:

  • Date: 21th February – 1st of March
  • APR: 6%
  • Loan to Value ratio: 1:2
  • Minimum loan amount: $100
  • Minimum loan duration: 2 days
  • Maximum loan duration: 3 months/1 year (refinancing option)
  • No early repayment penalties
  • No origination fees


the MoneyToken team

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