IMT is available in Trust Wallet

We are happy to announce that IMT is available in  Trust Wallet app.

It means your IMTs are now accessible from your mobile phone, anywhere in the world.

Being a part of this initiative is great news for MoneyToken and all our users; Trust Wallet is aiming to be a Universal Crypto Wallet for every cryptocurrency holder, allowing all users to safeguard and manage their crypto-assets and tokens within a single app.

“The users control 100 percent of their funds,” with this app, Binance Chief Executive Officer Zhao Changpeng said in his interview. “Now we have both a decentralized and centralized solution for custody.”

Trust Wallet doesn’t access user wallets or hold private keys, the codes that let investors spend their coins, Binance said. Instead, the keys are stored on user devices. Users should of course be aware that the app may collect customers’ public-wallet addresses, contact information and social-media handles, as part of the way it operates, according to Trust Wallet’s website.

To add IMT to the Trust Wallet app:

  1. Download the Trust Wallet application (link for iOS devices, link for Android devices)
  2. Create a new wallet in the Trust Wallet app or import an already existing one you own.
  3. Go to “Tokens” tab and type “IMT” in the search bar above.
  4. Tap on the search result, and IMT will automatically appear in your “Tokens” tab.



Security note: Remember that the most secure way to store your crypto assets will always be via cold storage.

Note: This update has been published after the approval of the Trust Wallet team.




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