How to withdraw your IMT

Withdrawing your IMT

Every user has received their IMT tokens in their account on the platform.

With the official listing all users will be able to withdraw their IMT tokens from the platform to their own wallets.

The withdraw process will be enabled from 02:00 AM UTC on the 30th of August.

In order to withdraw IMTs, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log into the platform at
  2. Go to the “Balance” tab.
  3. Find IMT and click on the “Withdraw” button.
  4. Create an order to withdraw IMT to your eth-address.
  5. IMTs will be sent to the eth-address which you have entered during the registration process at
  6. Withdraw order execution will start at 02:00 AM UTC 30th of August.
  7. All IMT withdrawal applications will be executed on a first come-first served basis
  8. This means that if you create an order in advance (for example today) — you will potentially be able to get IMTs into your wallet earlier than other users. Conversely, If you wait until the last moment and create your order at 01:59 AM UTC 30th of August, you are likely to find that your IMT withdrawal order will be right at the back of the queue.
  9. The full IMT distribution could take 3–8 hours depending on the load on the ethereum network.

IMT details:

Contract address: 0x13119e34e140097a507b07a5564bde1bc375d9e6
Token Name: MoneyToken
Decimals: 18
Token Symbol: imt

Please Note: As mentioned in all previous announcements it is absolutely necessary to pass the KYC procedure before you will be able to withdraw IMT from the platform. Please be sure that you passed KYC already and apply for KYC now if you haven’t done so before.

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