BCH Hard Fork details

Greetings to the MoneyToken community,

As many of you will already know, in the next few days Bitcoin Cash will be going through a hard fork – this not only means that some major tweaks and features will be implemented, but also that a new coin will be launched and distributed to all BCH holders.

The hard fork of Bitcoin Cash will result in some temporary issues with the BCH network; here at MoneyToken we are acting in full support of the fork, and regardless of what course BCH will take, are preparing to update the MoneyToken platform to accommodate it.

We will be releasing an update with instructions on how you will be able to receive the new coin after the hard fork; we believe that this represents a great opportunity for everyone who wants to take a loan via the MoneyToken platform – using BCH as collateral may be the best option right now if you believe that there is potential for growth in this cryptocurrency – and you will have the opportunity to receive the coins generated during the fork as well.

As a result, here at MoneyToken we will be tracking and monitoring any of your BCH on balance on November 14th up to 16:00 UTC. All BCH deposits and withdrawals will be unavailable from 16:00 UTC, and accessible again after the hard fork is finished.

We would also like to warn you that BCH as a currency will be entirely disabled on the platform, to ensure that no operations, internal or external, are made during the update.

You will be alerted when the currency is visible and deposits and withdrawals are available again.

Keep up with our news, we have lots of exciting things to tell you about coming up soon!

Thank you for being a part of our community,

The MoneyToken team

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