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The Second Membership Sale Finished! 155 million IMTs have been burned!

Last Friday, November 30th, the highly anticipated Second Membership Sale took place. During this event, our platform users were privy to 2,000 memberships that were granting zero interest rate loans. We are pleased to announce that all 2,000 memberships sold out within the first hour! Zero interest loan service is the opportunity to popularize and…

BCH Hard Fork details

Greetings to the MoneyToken community, As many of you will already know, in the next few days Bitcoin Cash will be going through a hard fork – this not only means that some major tweaks and features will be implemented, but also that a new coin will be launched and distributed to all BCH holders….

Launch of Lender Membership

From today we are opening up the MoneyToken platform to applications from users who want to become lenders, and who are interested in earning  from 6.5% to 8% annual interest through MoneyToken. All funds used for lending are backed by borrowers’ collateral at a 2:1 ratio. Lenders will receive interest daily from their deposited funds, with…

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AMA session #1 – 31/10/2018

IMT platform price fixed at $0.05

MoneyToken announces that, from today, the fixed price of IMTs on the MoneyToken platform will be $0.05 for loan interest rate repayment and token purchasing calculations. During the token sale, IMTs were offered at a price of $0.005, a 10x lower price; as of today, the token price increases to $0.05; When using IMT to…

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